Integrate Your ebay Store into ShopTab

Here are the steps you need to follow to set up your Facebook Store with ShopTab.

Step 1. Create your ShopTab account. Options are outlined here.   

Step 2. Create an export file from your ebay account.
The option for the Turbo Lister provides for an import and export of the products in your ebay store.

Details about the Turbo Lister -
Support note on the file export -

Export your product file. Save it to your computer.

Note: Below outlines the fields that we need for a valid listing. The yellow ones are required and the green ones are optional. There will be over 90 columns but we only need those in the file listed below.

Step 3 (optional).  Save any current product listings in ShopTab.

If you have items listed in ShopTab already, you may want to save the file to your computer before we do the upload.  To do so, on the product listing page in admin, click on the Download (green button at bottom) and save the file to your computer. You'll use this later if for some reason the file upload doesn't work.

 Step 4. Upload your ebay file into ShopTab. 

- In ShopTab admin, click on Settings and then Product Feed (bottom option)

- Click to select the file you saved from ebay

- Map the fields - i.e. title to title, description to description....

- Upload the file. All products should be listed within a minute.

Below is a video of the upload file steps. 

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Step 5. Review your product listings
Give the system a minute to load the items. You can click the “Product” option or just refresh you page after 30 seconds or so. Additionally, the system will send you an email after the upload is complete.

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