Delete Facebook's Shopify Store App

Since ShopTab’s start in 2009 as the first Facebook store app, Facebook has attempted to sell directly via the fan page several times with different internal and outsourced options apps and features.

Their current “shop” version is a modified Shopify product that provides a simple user interface but may not have the functionality required for many sellers. We receive numerous requests each week from users that desire to delete the shop so that they can use our Facebook Store app or just get rid of it since it doesn’t work for them.

How to eliminate the app from your page:

Step 1: Click the “Shop” text option on the left rail that takes you to their shop option.

Step 2: Under the Settings or “Gear” option, click the “Delete shop” option.

Step 3: Confirm your choice.

This will eliminate the app from your page. You will now have the option to add another store app like ShopTab to see if it can provide the complete e-commerce experience that you desire.  Let us know if you have any questions by sending us a note at

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    Joshua Murphy

    So if delete the app, will it cancel my subscription ?

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    ShopTab Support

    No, you must terminate the subscription within ShopTab's admin.

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