How to Create a CSV Product Feed for ShopTab

ShopTab supports CSV, text tab-delimited and XML file product feed file formats. The most simple file to set-up and manage are the CSV and text formats since many times those can be exported directly from an e-commerce website and are simple to set up in a spreadsheet.

Regardless if you have a website or not, a CSV file is a great way to manage the products in your store and have a back-up in case you delete the catalog.

Attached to the bottom of this post are two file formats. One format is designed for those that integrate with a website and the other is for our integrated cart option.

Creating Your New ShopTab CSV Data Feed in 5 Steps :

Step 1: Open the file template below that works best for you - integration to an e-commerce site or the standalong FB store cart format. Do not change the header information in the template.

Step 2: Create your template. Note which titles and field are required below.

title – (data in fields required) - Product title description.

description – (data in fields required) - Description of the product.

For e-commerce integrations, the fields below are required.

 • link – (title and data in fields required) - Website address for your product detail page such as

image_link – (title and data in fields required) - Website address for your image link such as

As an example, the header row should look like this for the e-commerce integration:



Step 3: Enter your item information

In the rows below the header row, enter information about your items. Each item should be listed in a separate row, and its information divided into the appropriate columns. For example, an item's description should be in the same column as the "description" header.


Step 4: Save your spreadsheet as a CSV.

Once all changes are completed, save the spreadsheet as comma delimited value (.csv) by using the "Save as..." command in the File menu and specifying the format type. Make sure to pick the CSV (Comma delimited) option under “Save as type:”


Step 5: Submit your data feed as noted below.

Step 6: The system will prompt you to map the fields from your file to the ones in the ShopTab product listing.

The file will be loaded once you save and upload.

Note: We support characters encoding of UTF-8 (recommended), Windows 1252 or ISO 8859-1.


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    Chester Vincentz

    Very weak - should be a complete outline of the complete feed

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    Steve Laurvick

    Agree. This is no help once the spreadsheet is uploaded I need to know how to update and proceed.

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    ShopTab Support

    Guys - I hope that this link could help with the maintenance after the file loads.

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