Google Base or Google Merchant Data Feed Instructions for ShopTab

Are you currently using Google Base for your eCommerce website?  If so, ShopTab was developed off Google Base standards.  However, we need to make a couple of modifications to the file to put it in the new Google Product Search format to make it ready for upload.

Below are the steps we need to support this file type.

1) Using the URL for the GoogleBase file open it and save the file on your machine as a text file

2) Using Excel or a spreadsheet, open the file, the Text import wizard should open with the file

3) On the first screen on the import wizard use the "Delimited" option - click next

4) The default in the 2nd screen should be "Tab" - click next

5) Click "Finish

You should have a file that is now in a text file in columns. You can upload this in the "Google Product Search" option under the Data Feed.

Proceed to this page for Google Product Search Feed support for your Facebook store or to get details on using this format from your e-commerce cart.

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