My images are not showing on my Facebook ShopTab page?

First, test the link you have for the URL image by placing it in your browser address bar and see if the picture shows up. If it doesn't then you know there is an issue with that link. To fix this situation we suggest the following:

- Go to the product URL for your first product that you've loaded into ShopTab Admin
- If the image is on that page then we suggest your right click on the image (you may want to expand the image if available)
- A dialog box will pop up and you'll want to click on the "Properties" at the bottom of dialog box
- The image URL is located inside of the Properties box - copy and paste that into the ShopTab Admin for that product and click update

The product should immediately show up for that product. Click on the edit button for that product to see if it is working.

If images are not showing on your Facebook page (but are showing in the ShopTab admin) it could be due to two main reasons:

Issue Type 1 (Image Protection) - Your website has protection on it that prevents external sites from displaying your image.  If this is the situation you will need to contact your website or hosting provider to turn that feature off to allow external sites like Facebook to display your images

Issue Type 2 (Blank Spaces in Website URL) - When images or folders are created on your website with a blank space your website server will convert that blank space into %20 which is the code for a white space character.  Website addresses for an image file that have %20 does not display on Facebook unless that page is refreshed so on initial view that image will not show.  To resolve this you have 2 options:

Option A - Inside the ShopTab admin you can remove the %20 from each link and leave as blank space so instead of you would remove the %20 and replace that with a blank space (in the ShopTab Admin or your data feed file) so it would look like shirt.jpg (note the blank space between red and shirt) and then press update.

Option B - You can fix the issue on your website and remove the blank spaces. This option would require you to rename the missing image in question file name to remove the blank spaces. Sometimes the actual image folder has the blank space and not the actual image filename so if that is the case just remove the blank space from the folder name such as to  If you use this option make sure to update all other image links as this will change the image name.

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