Multi-User Support for Facebook Stores with ShopTab

ShopTab created the Multi-User Administration functionality to support client situations where managing a number of stores by a single entity was highly desired.   Through Multi-User Administration the user has the ability to manage multiple stores either within their organization or when single access management simplicity is required for managing client stores (i.e. marketing agency for client, commerce provider for client or affiliate marketer for publisher).

Multi-User rights are assigned by using ShopTab’s standard registration process.  First, the client should sign-up for the Ultimate Package, which is required to have the option for MU rights. After registration completion the Multi-Shop feature may be activated by going to Settings and then Options where the feature is located under the Advance Store Options list.


Features supported via your Multi-User Admin Dashboard:

  • View of all stores under their profile
    • Plan types, status and registration information
    • CSV download/export option for each store
  • Design controls
    • Branding, page layout and color options
  • Configuration options for management of store products via manual or automated uploads
    • Manual input
    • Data feed formats supported are CSV, XML and Google Product Search
    • HTML, FTP and SFTP options
    • Timing designation of uploads – weekly or daily, time of day
  • Store control on Facebook
    • Creation of new stores
    • Deactivation and reactivation of stores
  • Billing support
    • Annual or monthly options
    • Discounted pricing support for stores based upon coupon codes
    • Access to all historical invoices
    • Ability to turn on/off invoice emails for stores and for Multi-User account
    • Single monthly invoice for all stores via credit card payment,  if approved by ShopTab management.

We currently have numerous clients, marketing companies and agencies using Multi-User accounts managing hundreds of stores on our platform.

Example Multi-User Admin Console:


How do you add or modify stores using the Multi-User feature?

1) Select the "Multi-User" button (top right of navigation bar)

2) Select the "Create a New Sub User"






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