XML Feed for Facebook Storefront with ShopTab

We hope to make your setup of the ShopTab store and data feed as simple as possible.  If you have any question please contact us at support@shoptab.net.


Before setting up your ShopTab XML feed, please review our required format for the XML upload that is provided below. There is also a template available via the administration panel under the “Data Feed” tab when you log into your account.   Incorrectly formatted feeds will not be accepted by our system and will not process correctly. In the event that your feed is formatted incorrectly, you will receive an error message via email notification.


We've recently added support for additional images. Please use these fields below within the format above to support the additional images.


Requirements for a successful XML upload:

  • The XML feed must be UTF-8 encoded characters
  • All of the following fields are required for each product, except for condition:
    • title - The name/title of the product
    • price type - The product price as a float
    • category - The category you want the product grouped under
    • subcategory - A child to a parent category (may be left blank)
    • condition - The current condition of the product (new, used, refurbished, etc.). Leave blank if you are not using this field. (may be left blank)
    • description - A brief description of the product. We recommend under 500 characters and no line breaks.
    • link - The full URL to the product on your website, such as http://www.domainexample.com/productpage.html
    • image - The full URL to the image of your product, such as http://www.domainexample.com/images/imagefilename.jpg




Once you’ve created the correct format, you can log into ShopTab’s administration panel and schedule the timing of your XML upload as noted below:


You will designate the frequency (daily or weekly) and time for the upload and place in the URL location for the feed. Note: the site will clear out the database each time it uploads a new file.

To immediately load your products and test your file, after scheduling your feed feel free to click the "Upload Feed" button.


You will be notified via the designated administrator email for your account of each successful or unsuccessful product update within minutes of the attempted upload.




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    really need help - actually just about to give up but if you could do this for us and implement all our products and do this as you say its so easy that we would be forever grateful.  for someone like us who has no knowledge its so difficult.  we have a ecommerce website and was really wanting 'shop now" and it goes direct to our website.


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    ShopTab Support


    You would need to upgrade to the Ultimate Plan to have XML feed support. Additionally, I think you were the person chatting late yesterday and it isn't clear that the Virtuecart will provide the right information in XML. However, if you can find the Google Product Search feed (text file) from Virtuecart and send it to us we can upload it into your store.


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