ProStores Integration with your Facebook Store from ShopTab and common questions

The deployment of your ShopTab Facebook Store with your ProStores site has been streamlined with the recent the ProStores software update in release 10.3.2. Follow these instructions and your store will be operational in a few minutes. 

NOTE: This also works with Intuit's Homestead e-commerce websites which use the ProStores e-commerce technology)

1)     Activate your Prostores ShopTab Data Feed inside of your ProStores admin console under Marketing>Traffic Generation>Comparison Shopping. (Note: We recommend using the brief description setting for the feed since it will streamline the layout inside of the Facebook page)


  2)     Select the ShopTab plan that works best for your Facebook page - Complete the registration and store set-up process defined in the PDF that will be sent to your email address or follow the instructions in the installation video.

 3)     Copy and paste the designated URL/link on the ProStores screen above into your ShopTab admin console under Product Feed section and in the Automated area at the bottom of the page. Select to activate the feed by checking the box and then place the URL in the field and save it.


4) You will be asked to map the fields in the Prostores file to the fields within ShopTab. You can accept the default settings but some clients like to make sure the right fields are placed within specific fields within their Facebook Store. 

The ProStores feed can take up to 5 minutes to activate within ShopTab to  your products. Your store will be stocked once the feed is available with products and the ShopTab data feed has uploaded the file based upon the designated Monday weekly upload in the Standard or Expanded Packages and the daily/weekly time of day and day of week schedule option in ShopTab’s Ultimate Package.

Below are lists common questions from ShopTab users that have the ProStores Data Feed integration.

1) Why is my description formatted with empty spaces and strange formatting?

Currently the ProStores user has the ability to select between two different descriptions to send in the ShopTab feed. One is called “Brief Description” which is meant to hold a brief description of the product for our Search Result pages and it typically doesn’t contain a large amount of HTML formatting. The other is simply called “Description” which is meant to hold a more comprehensive description of the product that’s used on the Product Detail page and more than likely will contain a good amount of HTML formatting. It may be a quick fix for some merchants to switch over to use the Brief Description in the ShopTab feed.


2) I want the categories to be in an alphabetic or a special order in ShopTab but I can’t figure out how to make that happen with the automated Data Feed, how can you I do this?

The merchant currently has the ability to download the feed file from ProStores, open it in Excel (or some other editing tool) and sort the data in whatever order they’d like. They would then re-upload the edited file back to ProStores via FTP or ProStores’ File Management area. The way it is re-edited would create the category order in the Data Feed for ShopTab.

 3) My feed is activated but it isn't working because products are not showing up in ShopTab's Facebook Store.  

It could be one of a few issues:

A) Your products aren't uploading because you don't have a "Description" value defined for any/all of your products. One of the rules ProStores enforces when they insert products into the ShopTab feed file is that they must have a description value. By default, ProStores is configured to pull the description from the products longer "Description" field.  If the longer description doesn't exist for any of your products, it  will omit the products from the feed. You may select the brief description field to download to your facebook store.

B) Your products must be assigned to a category in your store.   The merchant will have to assign their products to a category in order for them to be included in the ShopTab feed file.

C) You need to have images loaded into ProStores for all of your products. If you don't upload an image for each product the download from ProStores will not include the file transfer.

D) If your inventory setting is turned on and the product is set to 0 the product will not appear in the download.


4) In situations where you have determined a problem may exist on the ProStores side (ex: file not being created), merchants should be directed to their 24/7 tech support by phone at 1.866.643.4929 option 1 or via a web ticket they can open when they are logged into their ProStores account ("email" link in upper right corner of account pages).

What to do if your file isn't loading into ShopTab:

A) Make sure your Prostores account for ShopTab has been activited.  The feed file will only be generated if the service is enabled.  The feed file location is displayed in the Prostores UI for all accounts even if service is not yet enabled.   This merchant will need to log into their ProStores account > Marketing > click 'inactive' link next to ShoptTab > select ShopTab > click 'Activate' button to active the ShopTab service.

B) Check for the file once it is created around 5 AM PST daily.  Check the file location after 5 AM PST and you can copy and paste it into your browser to view and save the file. The file will download and you can save it in a spreadsheet as a .csv file and upload it manually via ShopTab's admin using the Data Feed tab.  The file will be automatically updated each Monday morning (Standard and Expanded Packages) or may be programmed daily and by time of day using ShopTab's Ultimate Package.


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