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ShopTab has a standard offering for the design and launch of your store for a one-time charge.  Send an email to if you would like to have them quote this option for you.

To launch the store we will need:

  • Your brand color ID’s – ideally your Pantone ID #’s
  • A graphic for your banner/header – ideal size of 810 x 120 (FB Timeline format). You may supply something close and we can crop it to fit your header.  Provide the file in either .jpg or .png format.
  • Your logo in either .jpg or .png format.
  • E-Commerce integration:
    • The website address of your online store, if you are connecting to an existing e-commerce site.
    • Products listing (see instructions below)
      • If less  than 10 items, provide a link to the page(s) where they are located
      • If 11 items or more, provide a Excel file CSV format with a minimum of this information
        • Title of product or service
        • Description of product or service
        • Category for the each product – assumes multiple categories, if only one category you may leave blank
        • Page location for each item on your website
        • Image URL for each product
        • Price
        • Condition – new or used, if appropriate
    • If you are going to use a data feed to update your store, provide the location where that file will be stored.
  • PayPal Cart integration
    • PayPal email address
    • Product information for each item
      • Title
      • Price
      • Category and subcategory (If applicable)
      • Description
      • Send image for the product
      • Shipping cost for each item

Design turnaround is typically 3 business days or less after payment is received.

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