Create a Facebook Store for Selling Photos with myCapture

If you use myCapture for selling photos on your website you can easily set up a ShopTab Facebook Store to drive new revenues and expand exposure to potential new clients.  The launch of a Facebook store can happen in a matter of minutes and the on-going management and updating of your store’s photos can be automated so that this new revenue source will require minimal resource demands.   

Once you’ve registered your store (, added the application to your Facebook page and customized your page’s look and feel, you are ready to add the photos to your store.   If you only have a few photos, you can manually enter the photos website locations in short order.  For stores with tens or thousands of photos, we recommend the use of a data feed using either a CSV or an XML file format.   For our illustrative purposes, we’ll outline the way to configure your CSV file format below.

Product Links:
Here is how your "Buy this Photo" or “Buy Now” links will need to be created for the Product URL field in ShopTab’s database.

1) Start with:
Your subdomain name would be placed in the highlighted section above.

2) Then you will add the image location to the string
Add: image=http://pathtoimage.jpg

3) Optional: If you want to track you may add something like: &photographerid=1234
This will allow you to track your purchase back to the ShopTab Facebook Store application.  You will need to create a photographer account in myCapture to get the ID number - click here for complete details.

An appropriate Product URL for ShopTab’s database could look like this:

Or like this with the tracking:

Image Links:
Just  provide a standard server reference for the photo locations and place them in the data file with the appropriate product listing.

Other Fields:
Designate your description, price and title field and create an upload file in a .CSV file format as noted below. The format of the field descriptions and order must be in our template format.

Click CSV File Template to download the simple file noted below.



Once completed, upload your file into ShopTab on the Data Feed page in ShopTab’s Admin Console and your store will be stocked and ready for sales.

Below is an example of how your photos will appear inside of your Facebook Store page.



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