Create a Facebook Business Page for your ShopTab Facebook Store

Facebook has created a simple to implement option for you to create business page(s) that are specifically designed to support a local company, large organization, product brand, band or cause.  These pages are the ideal way to promote your business or organization since your personal profile should be used to manage your social engagement as an individual, not as a business or non-profit entity.

Your ShopTab application can be added to these pages to help you sell your products, service or solicit donations for your cause.  If you received an error when trying to add ShopTab, it is likely because you don’t have a business page and our system can’t find an appropriate page for the application. Follow these instructions to create a business page.

1)      Log into Facebook. In the Facebook search bar type in “create page” and select the Facebook option called, “Create New Facebook Page.”


2)      From the list options provided, select the best option.


3)      Complete the process to start your page.

4)      Return to ShopTab’s admin and click on "Settings" and then "Facebook" and the application will prompt you to add your new business page.

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