Facebook Store Management Best Practices

Facebook Store Management Best Practices

1. Identify your brand persona in your store
Your brand's personality needs to be reflected in everything you do. Create a store that sets the desired atmosphere for your customers with imagery, branded colors, personalized copy, and user search and interaction options. Fiji Water’s Facebook Shop provides a great example.

2. Brand your page with a custom banner
Inserting a custom banner into your ShopTab store can be a great way to customize the look and feel of your store to your brand's image. This banner will be present on every store page so make sure it represents your brand well like the Facebook store for Cine Hollywood E Mondocorse.  You can set the banner with an active hyper-link to another webpage so feel free to insert a call to action in your graphic to drive traffic to your website.

3. Make your store interesting and interactive
Shopping is most often a fun, social experience for people and your f-commerce store is no exception. Pictures continue to be the best way to capture your client’s attention so make sure you are providing your best options for your Facebook store.  Leverage the use of social marks such at the Like and Tweet buttons with your products to drive up social awareness and encourage sharing.

4. Choose from over 50+ currencies and provide local language support
ShopTab offers a wide variety of currency options and flexible language support that is simple to integrate into your store. Many of our multi-national clients set up Facebook pages in multiple countries with localized currency and language support. Dafiti provides this type of localized delivery for their Brazilian and Chilean Facebook users.

5. Make sure your pictures are not too large and disrupting load times on Facebook
If your product images from your website are very large file sizes there can be a delay in loading them in your store. Facebook Shop tracking is easy to set-up and review.

6. Track your impact
Yes, ShopTab will help you to sell product but is also a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website. From the start, set-up your Facebook store tracking with Google Analytics to measure your success.  Your Facebook store can provide a clear ROI value for all of our social marketing activities.

7. Keep your product catalog up to date
Update your products weekly (or daily for Ultimate plan users) from an automatic data feed of your website's inventory.  Be confident that your ShopTab store prices and products are always up to date with your website store.

8. Frequently post a link to showcase a product
At least weekly, drive attention to your ShopTab store with your status updates and showcase a featured product to direct user interest and awareness for a your social store. Ask your followers to share it with their friends or to give you feedback.

9. Promote your store to your customers and fans via social media and your website
Make sure your fans know that your Facebook store is up and running. Send them there through social media status updates, newsletters, and even word of mouth. Remember, we had to do these same basic activities for our website stores a decade ago when conventional wisdom indicated that online shopping was a fad.

10. Create exclusivity for your best followers
What do Facebook users want from the brands they follow? Recent industry data is clear - they want to be treated to unique offerings. Discounts, free shipping, exclusive access to a new product or a uniquely packaged offering that isn’t available to other users are some good ideas for you to consider.  Creating something unique will not only create incremental sales but also raise your overall brand’s awareness.

11. Exclusivity with value
Can you create more value around exclusive offers? We think so. Increase your on-going reach by creating a Facebook Store Fan Gate or Like Gate to drive up your followers before they can get to the shop with your special offer. Your existing Facebook followers will already have access to your store so they will never see the gate.

12. Create a “Featured” or “Specials” category
Many of our clients create a Facebook Shop Specials or Featured category that is the first page of the store. This makes sure that anyone that goes to your store sees the products that are most likely to move them to buy from you. Some clients only put one product in this category and essentially make it a Daily Deal in Facebook or Weekly Specials page.

13. Set your Shop as the default Facebook page
There is a simple way to make all users see your shop by making it the default Facebook landing page, instead of your Facebook Wall.  This creates great visibility to you store and a quick way to make sure your users know you are selling inside of Facebook. Couple this with a “daily deal” or “specials” page and you’ll have a compelling reason for your followers to come back to your store.

 14. Frequently backup your ShopTab products list
Regardless of your product catalog size, export your data feed via a CSV file from the ShopTab admin and saving to your computer frequently. In the event of an error or accident, you will have all your information safe and secure and ready to upload again.


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