Social Engagement Checklist for Facebook Store Retailers

Social Engagement Checklist for Retailers

1. Create a social strategy – now!

There isn't anything more important than creating the strategy for your organization's success with social marketing. This is a marathon, not a sprint in terms of success with this important marketing vehicle. How to Create Your Social Media Strategy? is a good article on how to do this.

2. Talk with your customers - Give them a voice

It is important to engage your customers in conversation through a variety of mediums and listen to their ideas. Your customers may be your most useful tool in determining your company's strengths and weakness. Social marketing is a fantastic way to do this.

3. Encourage testimonials and reviews - Turn negative reviews into positive impacts

Public reviews can be a great way to earn trust with potential new customers. It allows users to get a real view at your service from the people who know it best. It can be a great place to boast about good reviews and a place to demonstrate quality customer service for bad ones. It can also point out problem areas of focus for your company.

4. Utilize social media frequently and consistency


Post engaging content (questions, articles, contents, etc.)

Direct customers to your website via updates for new services or articles

Leverage contests, promotions, and giveaways to get fans interacting


Post engaging content, bring value by educating

Talk and interact with fans and followers


Keyword targeted content to find new users

Post weekly articles to educate your future clients

Utilize guest bloggers and experts in your industry

5. Put product reviews where shoppers shop

Having immediate and relevant access to product reviews can be a make or break deal for many customers. Include options for reviews on the website's product's page and you will be rewarded for your transparency, customer loyalty and trust.

6. Include social media buttons on your website

This one is a no brainer! Including social media buttons with links to your Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc. can be very powerful tools to help your customers connect with your store and learn more about your brand. If you are operating a ShopTab store on Facebook this is essential.

7. Incorporate Facebook Social Plugins (Like Button, Like Box, Facebook Connect, etc.)

Social plugins from Facebook can be a great way to share your social activity on your website or blog. It is a great way to give your visitors a quick peek into how you are engaging fans through social media and can be a big motivator to get them to Like your page.

8. Update your content frequently

Test, Repair, Repeat. Not only is this a good way to keep your site and store always looking fresh and different to your visitors, it is something that can really help with search engine rankings.

9. Use analytics to track user interaction with Social Networking sites

Leverage the data from Facebook, Twitter and other social sites to tell you what is working and what isn't. Monitor for changes and set-up tests to see if you see more or less engagement based upon your campaigns.

10. Experiment

Brainstorm ideas on creative ways to engage your fans. You'll find that most of your competitors are doing the basics so you need to standout by creating interesting ways to engage. Some of these won't work but what do you think you can learn from asking your followers to tell you the feature they like the least? Social marketing provides a unique environment to challenge traditional marketing approaches so that you can enhance your brand based upon the way you communicate.

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