Create a Facebook Shop Daily Deal

(Updated 3/29/12 for Facebook Timeline)

Creating a “Daily Deal” or “Special Sale” option inside of Facebook is a compelling marketing option.  Even in the situation with hundreds or thousands of products in your product catalog,  creating a special category that lists your “deal” and set is as the default first page of your Facebook shop is easy to do.

Follow these instructions:

1)      Create a “Daily Deal” or “Featured” product

  • First, you will want to create your deal (special price, packaging or offering) on your website commerce cart or use a third party marketplace (i.e. Amazon, Ebay)  or PayPal to complete the sale. Typically this page won’t be exposed to normal e-commerce website users since we ideally want this to be unique for FB followers or potential new FB clients – this new product and image URL will only be used by ShopTab for your fans.
  • Once you have determined your offer, you will need to create a new product listing in ShopTab either through the manual product load option or via your automated data feed. Noted below is an example of a special deal for ShopTab’s Standard Plan.

Manual update example:


Data file example:



Upload the new product into your store.


2)      Change the name of your Shopping tab on your Facebook Page

Go to your Facebook Business/Fan page. Click on the down arrow to the right of all of the app icons in the Timeline format. Hover your mouse over the ShopTab icon and click the edit/pencil when it appears. At the bottom of the dialog box click on the "Edit Settings" to change the name of your shopping icon.




3)      Set your new category as the default landing page for your store – select the “Special Deals” for your default page for your store.


4)      Your page is ready to go. Notice the header in the default home page navigation for the store. Additionally, your renamed left rail tab and the default category is the “Special Deals” category with our special package or discounted price.





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    Suezette Hitchens

    This article is so old it has Facebook 1.0 and Kevin Graben in it lol. Time to update the page?

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