Google Base/Google Product Search and Text Tab-Delimited File Support

The automation of product listings into ShopTab’s Facebook Store is made simple with our support of the text tab-delimited files such as Google Base/Google Product Search Feeds in tab separated file formats.  Google Product Search within Google Merchant, previously called Google Base or Froogle, provides many benefits as defined on this page on the Google Merchant site.

The benefits of using this feed with ShopTab are:

- Simple to implement for your Facebook store – use of a file that is already created or available from your website commerce engine.

- Synchronize your Facebook shop – the file can be uploaded in an automated and scheduled fashion.

Some users may have created an internal process for creating the Google Product Search feed from their database or may have it as a programmed export option from their e-commerce website. This file format can be easily loaded into ShopTab’s database with no modification required. ShopTab will parse through the file, map the information that we need to provision a store within your Facebook Fan page and load the file.



1) Either create your Google Product Search file or export it from your e-commerce cart or database.

2) Save the file to your computer or server that will allow us to access the file directly.

3)      Log into ShopTab Admin and go to “Product Feed” an then the Manual or Auotmated option and then click on “CSV/Text File" option.  You may either manually upload or you can pull the file from a publically available location via the HTTP, FTP and SFTP methods and day of week and time of day scheduling options (based upon ShopTab Package).




4) Map the fields of your file to the fields within ShopTab and upload the file. This field mapping will be saved for future uploads.



Go to this post for additional detail on the creation and make-up of the feed.


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