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ShopTab supports a "Get Advice from Friends" button which leverages the Facebook share functionality.  The feature allows the user to click a button that will post on their wall a question or comment about your product or service.  This feature is available via Settings/Customization in the ShopTab's Admin Panel.

When activated, the button will be placed immediately below the picture of your product. Once selected, a dialog box will appear for their text input.

Friends__1.JPG         dialog_text_for_share.JPG


The configuration for this feature is activitated in the Customize tab.



This feature supports your ability to change the text in the button and the text in the dialog box. The default text in the button will be "Get advice from friends" and the default text in the share dialog box will be "I'm interested in this product." It may be changed for English variations or a foreign language within the Translate tab in ShopTab Admin.








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