Amazon’s Webstore Integration with ShopTab's Facebook Shop

Product details for the Facebook Store Features with Amazon’s Webstore.


Below are the detailed steps for the integration of a data file from Amazon's Webstore with ShopTab. This feature will allow a Facebook Store owner to quickly load their store products. Full implementation details are provided below the video.

Step 1: Create your product file

1)      Log into your Webstore. Click on Settings, Control Panel, General Webstore, Comparison Shopping and select “download your catalog in Google product feed format”


 2)      Click on “Download Feed”



3)      The file will open in your browser as a text file.  Save the file using the “File/Save As” feature in the browser – ex: ShopTabfile.txt


 Step 2: Upload File into ShopTab

1)      Log into ShopTab and select the “Product Feed” option. Select the CSV Tab-Deliminted Text file tab.


2)      Designate the file for upload. Click on the “Browse” button, select the file that you just created and click “Open”  

3)      Select “Upload”         

4)      You'll be asked to "map" the fields of your file to the fields within ShopTab. This allows you to designate the fields you desire to locate in your Facebook store listings. Once you have made your selections, click to save and upload. The system will remember these settings for the next time you upload your file.                                         

5)     Your products will be loaded in your Facebook store and you will receive an email notification when the database has completed the processing of your catalog.

Go to Facebook Features with Amazon’s Webstore for more details.


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