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Do you need a Facebook Store with a flexible payment system for your products or services? Try combining ShopTab and’s Simple Checkout solution to deliver a powerful Facebook store experience in minutes.

This solution is perfect for these retailers:
     - You want in all-in-one Facebook store with integrated payments
     - You don’t have a website or other online commerce option
     - Payment for your products via major credit cards is desired
     - You have a limited number of products
     - The advantages of
simple checkout make sense for your store
     - provides your users a secure purchase experience
     - Your are a non-profit that wants to accept donations

Note: If you have an existing e-commerce website or are selling on a third party marketplace like Amazon, EBay or Etsy, the traditional ShopTab implementation should work well for you.

If you aren’t an client you’ll need to apply for their service at or 888.323.4289.

STEP 1: Set up your Simple Checkout products in
A) Log into ( and click on “Simple Checkout” to start the process of creating your product listings.


Click on “Add Item” to create your first product.


B) Complete the form to create the appropriate checkout information for your product. Add shipping costs, if needed, and click on “Save” to create the checkout code.


Your product checkout code is complete.  Click on the “Copy Code” button so that you can add the product to ShopTab.


Step 2: Add the product listing to ShopTab
A) Log into your ShopTab account and go to the “Add Product” option.  Complete the title, price, category, subcategory (if needed), condition (new or used, if needed), description, location of an online image for your product and paste the Button Code into Java Scrip field and press Update.


Once you press “Update” your product will become active in your Facebook store.


Once your client clicks on the “Buy Now” button the purchase page will open up inside of your Facebook frame for the completion of the purchase.


STEP 3: Create more products

You can return to and create as many products as you like.  Add them to the Facebook store page as noted in step #2.


 Make sure to follow the standard installation process for deploying the application on your Facebook page and designing your store.  A video tour is available as well as PDF installation instructions to assist in your set-up.

Once that is complete, it is the time to start marketing your products on your Facebook page. Good luck and good selling!


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