VIDEO: Launch a Facebook Shop with our PayPal Checkout in ShopTab

Setting up your ShopTab Facebook Checkout Cart

Do you need a Facebook Store with a flexible payment system for your products or services? Try combining ShopTab and PayPal to deliver a powerful Facebook store experience in minutes.

Note: We recommend the PayPal Standard Business account (it is free) since this will allow for shipping and tax support.

Click to view the payment and currency support options for your home country


STEP 1: Set up our Checkout Cart

Log into ShopTab and complete the integration of the app with your Facebook page (if you don't set this up when you first register, you can do so at a later time by selecting Settings and then Add to Facebook Page tab). Then select to choose the PayPal Checkout Cart option for payments by updating with your PayPal email address, currency and cart button language.

(initial registration landing page)

Or if you want to activate the cart at a later time, go to "Settings" and then "Buyer Checkout" and click the "Integrated Cart" tab.


Determine if you want to manage product inventory levels within the store and if you want to hide products that go out of stock from the app page. Inventory management isn’t required for your store, but is a valuable option for many store owners.

STEP 2: Add Products

Now click on “Add Product” and enter the information for your first product



Press “Update” to load the product. Now repeat for all of your products.

STEP 3: Set up your Shipping and Taxes

Details on configuration on all four shipping options are in this PayPal Facebook Store Shipping FAQ.

You may set up any of the following - flat rate per item, weight-based, purchase amount or volume of items rates inside of PayPal, depending upon your country of origin. 

NOTE:  If you use the flat rate shipping charges in the ShopTab product listings you do not need to designate any settings in PayPal. Also, if you don’t put any shipping information in your product listings, ShopTab will default to whatever set-up you have in PayPal.  

In PayPal, go to Profile and My Selling Tools. Select the “Update” button for Shipping calculations.


A great example from the link above of weight-based set-up in PayPal below:



Before you finish, you will want to set up any required taxes for your online sales, if applicable. This set-up is done inside of your PayPal account under your Profile and My Selling Tools section.  PayPal will provide the options available in your country of origin.



STEP 4: Validate your Store Listings and Checkout
Go to your Facebook fan page and your products will be active with the PayPal “Add to Cart” buttons.


Select the “Add to Cart” button for a few products. The cart will continue to add products to the basket until you choose the “Checkout” button. Click on the Checkout button.


Select “Checkout” or "Buy Now" and you will land on a secure PayPal payments page. Check the selections to make sure the basket reflects the products you selected and any taxes and shipping charges. Your clients will input their email address and PayPal password if they want to pay using PayPal. The client also has an option to pay with a credit card, debit card or even use PayPal's financing option called Bill Me Later.

If the client is on a mobile phone, they will make their purchase from the mobile webstore created to support your store. They will experience the checkout as noted below.

             (Product Page)                                               (Cart of Products)



      (Main Store Checkout Landing Page)             (PayPal, Debit, Credit or Bill Me Later)



STEP 5 – Customize your Store Page

1. Layout design: In the Settings/Store Design tab, choose your layout design from a grid or horizontal stacked option. Also choose the number of products on your store pages and if you want the store to default to a certain category for your first page.  Click on Update.


 2. Manage your Product Area: On the Store Design page, ShopTab provides options for your page layout in terms of a search bar (product and pricing), social marks and additional text calls to action. Select the options that fit best for your store and click on Update.


 3. Add a Store Banner: On the Store Design page, upload a custom banner image sized at 810 pixels wide by up to 500 pixels high. We recommend 110 pixels high for your banner.


  4. Customize your Page Colors: Use the color options to stylize your page to fit your brand or to set off areas of the page that will help you to promote your products more effectively and press Update.   


5. Language and Text Changes: On the Settings page, click the Translate option. This will allow you to customize all text on the shopping page. Choose to translate English text into a new language or just change certain words (ex: “Buy Now” to “Buy!”).  No changes are required and you may skip this step. You may change the text in the cart as well in this section. 

Click to review a full Video Set-up of the Facebook Store.  


 Q: Will I receive notification of an order?
A: Yes, you will receive a notification via email as well as the information will be in your PayPal account.


The buyer will see this screen message confirming the order.



Q: How do I print my shipping labels?

A: PayPal offers the opportunity to print labels from their admin section as noted in this demo example - Or see all of your options here -

Q: What are the currency options?

A: While ShopTab can support over 50 currencies when linking to an existing website commerce engine, we can only support the options provide by PayPal for those clients that desire to use this as their checkout option. That list of supported currencies is below as noted on PayPal's site on 2/13/13.

•Canadian Dollar 
*Brazilian Real
•British Pound
•U.S. Dollar
•Japanese Yen
•Australian Dollar
•New Zealand Dollar
•Swiss Franc
•Hong Kong Dollar
•Singapore Dollar
•Swedish Krona
•Danish Krone
•Polish Zloty
•Norwegian Krone
•Hungarian Forint
•Czech Koruna
•Israeli New Shekel
•Mexican Peso
•Brazilian Real (only for Brazilian members)
•Malaysian Ringgit (only for Malaysian members)
•Philippine Peso
•New Taiwan Dollar
•Thai Baht
•Turkish Lira (only for Turkish members)
•Russian Ruble

 Q: Can I oversell my inventory? I'm worried that I won't have enough inventory to serve my clients if I run a sale.

A: When a user selects the product it is immediately put into the cart - i.e. taken out of inventory. We will hold that product out of inventory for approximately 6 to 8 minutes, based upon a PayPal processing cycle. This time frame provides the user the ability to continue to shop and complete the checkout. If the user doesn't complete the purchase within the designated time period, the item will be placed back into inventory.

Q: Is there a good way to use promotions or discounts with this option?

A: Yes, we think this blog post on PayPal Facebook Store cart promotions provides some great insight on how to do this.

Q: How do my clients see their options for paying via PayPal or credit/debit card options?

A: Depending upon your country of origin with the PayPal, the checkout screen can differ but typically looks like this image below when using PayPal's free standard business account.



Good luck and good selling!


For full information on PayPal Website Payments go to this link -

PayPal business options:

PayPal fees:





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