Using JavaScript with ShopTab

The tracking of sales conversions on your website e-commerce store is essential to motivate affiliates, partners and marketers to promote your products and capture their information for payments or commissions. Your Facebook store is no exception. While most marketing and payment system companies can deliver URL tracking with specific affiliate or partner ID’s, there are some situations that are only setup to provide JavaScript for tracking of these sales.  The flexibility to support both environments inside of ShopTab is available with our recently released Facebook Store JavaScript option.

JavaScript is software code that can provide enhanced client interaction when used inside of a web browser. This code may provide a more engaging and consistent presentation than a static button with a dedicated URL hyperlink.   In the situations where a Facebook store is being created, the most secure and simple implementation would be the use of URL’s to track and direct the user to the right page for checkout.  However, using JavaScript may have value for affiliate networks or payment processors and may be the only option available.  The only caution for this method is to make sure the code has been testing inside of a Facebook page to confirm it will perform correctly. A simple test of this JavaScript code in your ShopTab store with a single product entry will likely show you how it will look and if it will impact any features of the store.

There is a simple manual input option as noted below in the Add Products section of the site:


Or a data feed option for large product catalogs via a CSV file format noted below:



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