Cash On Delivery (COD) Feature with ShopTab

What happens when you can’t sell your product online because you need to talk to the client first before you create your custom item? Or you live in a country that is dominated by a cash economy so online payments don’t make sense to reach all of your clients? Use ShopTab’s Facebook Store Cash on Demand (COD) feature inside of your Facebook Fan Page!

 This solution is perfect for these retailers:
- You are located in a cash based economy
- You have products that your social networks wants but they are custom
- You want to deliver COD with an online payment option like PayPal
- You have an e-commerce option but COD provides access to new clients

 Note:  While COD may be your preferred method of sale in your Facebook store,  you can mix in either PayPal checkout or e-commerce purchase options too.

STEP 1: Set up for Cash on Delivery.

A) Log into ShopTab's admin, complete the integration with your Facebook page, and then select Settings, Buyer Checkout Options and then select the Integrated Cart option.

Determine your basic cart features such as if you want to use inventory controls and if some of your products need the ability to the buyer to include some text feedback.

Note: If you activate inventory, the items will be deducted immediately upon a COD checkout. Any orders that aren't completed will require you to update the inventory numbers in the product listing.

Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and activate your Cash on Delivery option. 

Once this is set, create the form you desire to use to set up the checkout process.

You can designate the fields you need (three are required as fields and for valid buyer input). You may change the names of all fields.

And then set the text for the buttons that will appear in the cart and during the ordering process and on the buyer confirmation screen.


You always have access to any sales data via the Review COD Sales button.

Once on the page you will see the summary of your sales and a button that allows you to download all of your orders - "Download the CSV."

Below is an example of how the checkout cart will appear to your buyers.


Upon completion of an order, you will receive an email notification from ShopTab with complete details. The buyer will see a confirmation screen indicating you will be contacting them to finalize the delivery and transaction. 

Note: COD will work with the Shipping tab found under "Settings."



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    Thanks to Shop tab for developing this critical feature to facebook commerce. with two thirds of facebook users not able to use credit cards and PAYPAL, this feature is critical to merchants. CONGRATS on being first to market with this feature. 

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    Tibor Szabó

    1, the description should be updated, because a completely different interface.
    2, Android: If you operate the button COD, it can not operate the cart. And there is total confusion in purchasing.
    3, COD if you buy it at the same time, you can buy only one product. If buy three products, then 3x procedure.
    4, no COD button in your shopping cart
    So the COD function - total chaos. useless.

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    ShopTab Support

    We plan a major update to COD at the end of the year. The COD option wasn't originally designed to be a cart - it was built to help users sell one off custom products. The new version will be cart based and should address your notes above.

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    Tibor Szabó

    That's great!
    I like that so simple in the admin interface. User-friendly.
    So if the COD button will be added to your shopping cart and it works, it'll continue to subscribers.
    One more thought.
    I'm working% of profit. Therefore, it would be very, very good when defining the transport charges would be, according to the purchase amount. In fact, different products have different prices.
    For over 100EUR been shipping for free.
    Euro 5 shipping fee of between EUR 50-100
    Under Euro 50, Euro 9.9 shipping fee
    Not of weight and not by item number.

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    ShopTab Support

    Thanks for that feedback. That actually is a feature that we will add to the Shipping function later this year too - the ability to create free shipping based upon the total purchase value. We held that out of this last shipping release so that we could make sure all functionality was solid.

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    Please advise how I can remove some of the fields required in COD. I don't want the customer putting all those details in every purchase, and I don't need most of them. Kindly advise

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    ShopTab Support

    Currently that isn't possible. We are in the process of creating a new version that will come out late December or January that will allow you to customize the fields and which ones you want to use. It will also support the cart functionality.

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