CCNow Integration with ShopTab's Facebook Store App


ShopTab integrates with Snorrason's popular CCNow e-commerce platform. This offering provides for a simple Facebook Store for all CCNow users to market their products and services to the hundreds of millions of Facebook users.  ShopTab will leverage the power of the CCNow e-commerce store as the checkout for all clients using this integration.

The integration of these two powerful commerce platforms only takes minutes and may be synchronized at any time by the client.  The power of this offering leverages the broad global footprint for organizations. Refer to these pages below for specific country and currency support:


STEP 1: Export your Product File from CCNow
A) Log into CCNow and create the special data file for the ShopTab integration.  Select “Marketing Tools” and then “ShopTab Products.”


The file is available via a link next to the “Product file:” section. Save the file to your hard drive or server. Additional integration and set-up notes can be found on this page.

The file should look like the example below.



STEP 2: Import your Product into ShopTab

Log into ShopTab’s admin panel.  Click on “Data Feed” and then “CVS” to upload your file.



Place the file in the section for the product upload in the CSV tab.



Select “Upload” to update the Facebook Store. The products should appear in your store within 5 to 60 seconds and display as noted in the example below.


Now make sure your store is set-up properly to reflect your brand using the feature controls in the Settings/Customize section.

Good luck and good selling!


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