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A detailed review of your Facebook store page analytics is a key process for understanding the success of the marketing activities and promotional campaigns focused on social commerce and your Facebook store. ShopTab provides analytics within your administration area to monitor and manage the data for your store account. ShopTab suggests that you also use Facebook’s Insights and Google Analytics (web commerce integration clients) to gain additional visibility to your overall marketing and store's performance.

Note: The Peformance Dashboard is only available to ShopTab clients using the Modern Template design.

ShopTab's Performance Dashboard can be found on the main navigation in your admin panel. Click on the "Performance" tab. The analytics is update every 24 hours at midnight U.S. Pacific Time.



The top of the dashboard provides a quick summary of your store's performance. The default setting is for the last 30 days but you can edit and review up to the last 90 days. 

Store Page Views - all views into your store from users on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.
Buy Clicks - all clicks to add products to your cart or clicks to an e-commerce or marketplace site.
Social Activity - any selections on your store pages for Likes, Shares, Pins or Tweet.
Products Promoted - all promotion that you initiate from the admin panel for your store or products.
Last Product Update - the last time you loaded a new product or updated an existing product.

* Note that a "buy" click does not indicate a completed sale. Many buyers will abandon the cart at the final purchase page. Use this information to judge the interest and intent of the buyers, not the final sales.

The top graph in the dashboard will graphically present each day's page view activity.

You will also see the associated social, promotional and buy activity. These two graphs will help you to correlate your marketing activities within Facebook with overall store performance.

Use the Download as CSV button to manipulate or store your store analytics data. We only store the last ninety days of data so storing this for historical analysis may be beneficial for you.


ShopTab Clients with an E-Commerce website:

Since you are using ShopTab to drive conversions and increase website traffic to your e-commerce site, we recommend the use of the Google Analytics configuration within your ShopTab admin. 

To get started if you don’t already have a FREE Google Analytics account start hereGoogle Analytics provides their users a great opportunity to not only review their traffic real-time, but also determine which part of their site and marketing campaigns perform the best.

Once you have created your Google Analytics account you will want to login to your ShopTab admin. Click on the “Settings” tab then the “Performance Analytics” link. There you will designate your Campaign Source, Medium, and Name. We have provided suggested naming fields for your campaign, but you can designate your own as well. Then click “Update” when you are done. This allows you to review all traffic inside of Google Analytics that comes from buyers in your Facebook store.

For a Video - Set up your Google Analytics in your ShopTab admin “How To” video.

*Allow up to 24 hours for the Google Analytics information to feed into your Google Analytics account*

When someone clicks on the "Buy Now" button they will be directed to your e-commerce site page and the tracking information will be added to the tail end of the URL so that Google Analytics will capture the information. Example below:


After 24 hours you will want to log into your Google Analytics account then click on the “Aquisition” and “Campaigns.” Depending on what you named your campaign source in your Google Analytics setup that will be the “Source” name you will look for under the “Campaign” tab in Google Analytics. For example, ours is named Social Commerce so when we look at the traffic that comes from our Facebook store’s “Buy Now” buttons we look at the “Social Commerce” source.


You can also click on the “All Referrals” tab under “Acquisition” in your Google Analytics and watch the traffic from the “facebook.com” source for further tracking from your Facebook page.









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