Set up Donations in ShopTab's Facebook Store

Non-profit organizations have done a fantastic job of building social networking communities around their causes. The key to moving these relationships to the next level is providing these passionate fans meaningful engagement activities and opportunities to donate around specific events or episodic situations.  ShopTab has created a unique configuration process to assist non-profits to leverage their social engagement with a donation and fundraising solution inside of their Facebook page.

A quick way to create a donation option within your Facebook store if you are using our integrated cart to sell products is noted below.

In ShopTab's admin click to "Add Product"

Create your donation item with a $0 cost and then add in your donation levels in the variable price options as a surcharge.

Save the entry. Your options will show in the store as noted below.

Non-Profit Donations in Facebook - details the value of this type technology in your social media platform.

Non-Profit Facebook Donation Configuration - details the set-up of ShopTab for donations.

Non-Profit using a Facebook Store - Invisible Children's use of ShopTab to drive donations and purchases.


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