White-Label your ShopTab Facebook Shop

Many clients and partners desire the ability to eliminate the ShopTab brand on the Facebook Shop application. Additionally they desire to discard the terms of service and privacy policy.


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The features of the White-Label feature include:

  • Elimination of the ShopTab logo/brand and the associated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on the app pages
  • With Multi-Shop feature activated all associated stores will be under the same white-label setting

Requirements for use:

  • Must be a an Ultimate Pro account user
  • Feature may be activated under the Settings/Advanced Option section of ShopTab admin

You will activate this feature under the Settings/Options tab and check the box for the option noted below.


If turned on as a Multi-User (supporting multiple fan page accounts) all stores will have the white-label option turned on.

Note that the white-label feature does not include:

  • Any administration screens
  • Notifications – emails for registration confirmation, billing issues or termination (each will go to email address in the Personal tab)
  • Monthly billing invoices  (may be turned off)
  • Facebook social features (i.e. Share currently) that are linked to the App in Facebook and can't be edited for white-labeling since Facebook won't allow this to be modified. The Twitter post may exclude the ShopTab reference.  Example of a FB Share below.


All user must comply with all ShopTab and Facebook Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.

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