Support Multiple Fan Pages with your Facebook Store

ShopTab allows subscribers to distribute their Facebook store to more than one Facebook Fan page. While the Standard Package supports one Facebook fan page, the Expanded and Ultimate Packages will support 3 and 5 fan pages respectively. This allows for a store owner to distribute their stores to multiple fan pages to drive additional awareness and sales. This feature effectively “clones” the store in terms of product listings and layout to each of the fan pages.

How to set up your multiple Facebook fan pages with ShopTab

Log into the ShopTab admin client. Select the Settings and then Facebook option. Under option #2, select the “Connect” button for each of the fan pages where you would like to place your Facebook Store.

You may change or remove the app from any of these pages on the same screen. You will be limited to 3 fan pages with the Expanded Package and up to 5 pages with the Ultimate Package.

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