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How do you promote your SharedDeal app to mobile phone users?

Facebook doesn’t currently support access to any third party applications in their mobile user interface app.   All app developers have been pushing for a change on this issue since mobile is such an important element to our client's Facebook strategies.  This means that anyone accessing your fan page, via the Android or Apple mobile FB app interface, won’t have direct access to ShopTab or any other third-party app on your fan page (this means your app icon on the page - see below). 

(Example fan page above. Note that only photos, likes and an activity log show. No third party apps appear in the FB interface at this time)

However, we take this situation very seriously and don’t think we can wait for Facebook to fix this situation. We want to provide our Facebook commerce app users the full impact of the shopping experience for their clients and prospects within this important social interface. There are two specific Facebook mobility app issues that we need to address to assist our clients to maximize their opportunity until Facebook makes the appropriate interface changes.

SharedDeal provides access to all products via use of our promote product, promote mobile store, social shares (like and share) and any posts in the Facebook news feed.

            (Promote product option noted above)

When a store owner, client or prospect posts something about one of the products or services from a SharedDeal store these links are placed in the store owner's and client's news feed.  We use intelligent link technology to determine a desktop versus mobile device that is accessing the link. The user clicks the link, our URL detects the device and directs the user to the appropriate version of the app.  You don't need to do anything to have this functionality work. 

We allow all social posting links to render via a mobile web pages designed for the user to review the product and make a purchase. This will provide all users the ability to browse or make purchases in the same manner in which they do today via ShopTab in mobile browser environment, not in the Facebook app interface.  Most product sales are generated via social sharing and postings so this will resolve a majority of issues for Facebook store owners.

Example screenshot below of the product page on a mobile device. 


Read this important blog post about how to sell in the Facebook News Feed

Want to drive traffic to your Facebook products with mobile users? Use ShareDeal's product promote feature to drive sales. Within a day of our release of this feature, we had one client report over $1,000 in sales in a 12 hour period.




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    my luxury closet

    my friends have problem connecting to my page with mobile please help

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    Hi I'm just wondering how to cancel my free trial? And also does anyone know what site I should go to so I can sell products for company's and advertise on fb to??

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    ShopTab Support

    Login, click on your Account # (top right), click on Billing and then Cancel. 

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