Can I edit the page layout in my ShopTab Facebook Store or SharedDeal?

We provide the ability to modify the template layouts that we provide with the Facebook Store application in the Ultimate Package or for all SharedDeal users. This feature allows you to customize the appearance of your page by editing the store page template CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). Custom CSS allows you to change fonts, colors, borders and background of your store page. Experience working with CSS is required to use this feature since ShopTab is not in the position to support your CSS work to modify the template. 

You may edit the CSS reference using a secure URL reference (HTTPS)  in the Settings/Store Design tab. Place your reference at the bottom of the Store Design page and then select "Update" to make the change to your store.


The option in SharedDeal is in the Store Design tab as well.


Below is an example of changing the store background color in ShopTab. 


Below is an example of the background color and a larger font size for the Buy Now button in ShopTab.


Here is an example of the code referenced by the URL to change the title font size


Here is how the increase in font size looks


Or you may want to make multiple changes - use of URL links to an e-commerce site and a COD option


A file is attached to this FAQ that is the CSS modifications for the store above.


  • Only the webpage is customizable, you can't adjust the size of the i-frame or the Facebook page. This is locked by Facebook.
  • Changes to the template may create scroll bars on the bottom of the page or on the right rail. This environment is tricky so test your changes to make sure you don't impact the page so that it doesn't fit within the frame.
  • The page layout is fixed. While you may modify the elements but you can't redesign the store layouts from the base horizontal or grid designs.


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