Import your Etsy store into ShopTab

Etsy users can easily add a Facebook Store to sell their products using ShopTab's PayPal Express Checkout Cart (PayPal and credit cards payment options) and our Data Feed option to import their products. The data file export process from Etsy is simple and the modification and import to ShopTab will only take a couple of minutes. 

STEP 1: Export your products from Etsy

Etsy provides a quick CSV export data file option. The reference note on their site is noted here.  The link is noted at the bottom of this step as well.

To download your listing data:

1. Go to Your Shop > Options
2. Click the Download Data tab
3. Click the Download CSV button to save the file to your computer.


STEP 2: Modify the file for ShopTab

ShopTab doesn't need some of the information in the file and we need to change the titles to the columns. 

First, we'll eliminate the columns highlighted below in yellow. In Excel you would delete each of the columns.



Then we want to rename the remaining headers for each column as noted below. Make sure everything is in lowercase.

title, description, price, category, link, image_link


Add one additional column called "condition" to the file. No values in the fields below are required.



STEP 3: Upload into ShopTab

Now you can log into ShopTab's admin and upload the file.

Select the "DataFeed" tab. Choose your saved file and upload.




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