PayPal Cart Enhancements for existing users

On Wednesday evening, February 13th we're updating your PayPal “Buy Now” buttons to provide the following:

• Cart functionality for purchases of multiple products

• Inventory controls for management of your stock (optional)

• Shipping options for fixed prices or weight-based pricing.

We are excited to bring this enhanced functionality to your store.

What do you need to do if you are using ShopTab with PayPal? No action is required. If you don’t make any changes your Buy Now buttons have been converted to “Add to Cart” buttons with the cart feature and we will continue to support the shipping and taxes that you have set up in your PayPal account.  The inventory and shipping options do not require configuration to continue to use your store app. If you had product variables set up (sizes, colors), these have been migrated into your product listings in the new format.

We do have some recommendations to quickly optimize your store:

 • Fixed Cost Shipping:  You have some new flexibility with the current fixed pricing for shipping.  We’ve added a shipping cost field in the event a client wants to buy more than one of the same product to reduce the cost to ship the 2nd, 3rd and 4th item.  You may update this fixed cost field in each product listing.
• Weight-Based Shipping: If you want to ship multiple products based upon weight you’ll want to add the weight of each product in the product listing and update your PayPal profile (Profile/My Selling Tools) to support the charges based upon weight. The link in the store admin titled Shipping and Taxes will show you how to do this.
• Inventory: You have the option of creating inventory counts for your store. The option to turn on inventory and to hide products when they are sold-out is set under the Settings/Options tab.

After setting this configuration, go into each product and set the inventory levels. Full details on the updates can be found on our PayPal Facebook Store FAQ.

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    Thank you ShopTab for the PayPal updates.  I can already tell this is going to make a huge difference for us.  

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