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User research shows that Facebook and Twitter users spend almost all of their time inside the app in their news feeds.  The challenge for social commerce retailers is to appear in the news feeds to create awareness for your brand and products. ShopTab makes this easy to do with our smartlinks (URL's that work for mobile, tablet or desktop users) and the “Promote” feature functionality inside of your Facebook Store application.

Remember, you don’t want to be too “salesy” in your news feed but that doesn't mean you can’t create awareness for your products and create selling opportunities for your fans and their friends.  

I. Create using the Photo post in Facebook

Select to either promote the Store or the specific product as noted below.

Go to your Facebook fan page and click on the Photo option.
    1) Grab an image of your product,
    2) Write a great one or two line description
    3) Paste the link into the text area as noted below.
    4) Click "Post" to put it on your timeline.

Your promotion will be immediately posted on your timeline. 

(We like this promotion option since Facebook will optimize the image size for your mobile users.)


II. Use ShopTab's promote feature.

Select the Facebook Share or Tweet button for the product you want to promote in ShopTab’s admin panel and create a quality marketing message to encourage engagement with your fans. 

Click the option for the promotion dialog box.

or promote via a Tweet option at the top of the page. 

Note: If you have your store on more than one Facebook fan page, you will be presented with the store page in which you want the post to be placed.

This post will show up in your fans Facebook news feed (as noted below) and is accessible for desktop or mobile users for purchase of your product. This is a perfect way to drive sales for your Facebook Shop.


Some ideas on great ways to create engagement around your product posts from our Social Commerce Strategy document:

  • Introduce products on Facebook first, offer a special deal for these early users. Create urgency by defining a short time period for the offer.
  • Your Facebook shop is an opportunity to present something different than what is on your website. Leverage this concept in your pricing, packaging and offers.
  • Ask a question regarding which product your fans might like best or colors they prefer.
  • Create a category called “Best Sellers” or “Most Popular” and feature that category on your first store page.
  • You don’t have to put all of your products into your Facebook shop. If you have a fully functioning website then use this as an opportunity to promote “on sale” items by creating a special category for your store or even have it as the only category.
  • Promote a specific product, sale item or packaged offering in the header graphic on every page. This graphic may be linked to the website page that supports this promotion.
  • Create easy navigation to find your products. Use the “Categories” and “Subcategories” functions to make it easy for your users
  • Many stores have provided free shipping as an option only for Facebook fan purchases with a special code or link to a special web checkout page.
  • See if you can drive pre-orders for a product that is coming to market soon - creates great exclusivity for FB fans. Great example below.


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