Migrating a Vendorshop Shop to ShopTab

Since VendorShopSocial’s announcement on May 1, 2013 that they will be closing their site we’ve had a number of their clients contact us to use ShopTab. Below is a quick review of how you can recreate your store within ShopTab and use our 7 day trial to test if we are a good solution for you.

1)      IMPORTANT: Export a CSV of your products from VendorShop.  This may save you a bunch of time loading information into ShopTab. This isn’t required (in case you don’t have access to your account) but it may help.

2)      Modify the CSV file – the spelling and lowercase are required for the headers, make the following edits to have a valid file

  1. The CSV data file requires these headers and associated data:
    • title - Product title description.
    • description - Description of the product.

    • link - put a false URL here – www.shoptab.net or something similar
    • image_link - if Vendorshop is still showing the URL’s leave this information, if not you have two options 1) upload your images on a photosharing site for us to reference or 2) create another false URL so the file will load and manually upload your images after the file updates in ShopTab

    The CSV file also requires the headers below but does not require any information in the fields:
    • price -Price of product - do not include currency symbol.
    • category -This is the category where you want the product included.

    • subcategory - Ideal for a multi-tiered catalog. This entry will place your product in a listing within the parent category.

    • condition - Detail if product is used or new.

3)      You may need to edit out HTML in some of your product descriptions if the text isn’t showing appropriately

4)      Save your file. Feel free to send it to us to review before you upload.

5)      Upload the file under “Data File” and the CSV tab.

6)      Activate the PayPal cart option in ShopTab (Settings/Options) with your email address and other information.

7)      For shipping we recommend using the tools in PayPal. View this video for shipping set-up information. http://youtu.be/JSqHaHvtDAM 

Click on this link for full details on our Facebook Shop powered by PayPal Payments solution.

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