My images for my products aren't clear, they look pixelated.

Each browser (IE, Firefox  Chrome, Safari and others) renders images differently.  In fact, different versions of each browser will render an image in different ways. In some cases, this can cause issues when your images are presented in ShopTab via a URL or an image upload – they can lack clarity or look “pixelated.” This is a very difficult problem to fix given the multitude of browser versions coupled with the fact that ShopTab doesn't control the presentation of these images.

If this is an issue for your store, we can make the following recommendations to help:

-          Your images should ideally be no larger than 400 pixels by 400 pixels

-          Images are saved at 72dpi (density per inch)

Given that browser versions change often, we will continue to update this post when we can find opportunities to help you to optimize your images in the store.

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