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Set-up your SharedDealTM

We created SharedDeal to provide an opportunity for our clients to leverage proven social commerce strategies and tactics that have been successful for so many merchants worldwide. Our traditional ShopTab store created a valuable promotion and social sharing option for a full catalog of products while the new Shared Deal application creates a unique environment to promote a single product. Both applications may make sense for your Fan Page at the same time.

The SharedDeal feature may accomplish any combination of the following:

  • Exclusivity - create and position products and services for your Facebook fans only.
  • Sharing – use the special promotion options to extend your reach through your Facebook fans.
  • Deals – participate in unique deals through special packaging or discounts only available in Facebook.
  • Urgency – create opportunities where limited timeframes or inventory may stimulate purchases


(Example SharedDeal Listing)

Key Product Features:

  • Deadline or Countdown clock
  • Inventory settings and control
  • PayPal checkout for credit card/debit card and PayPal payments
  • Retail price and Deal price options
  • Support of product variables like size or color
  • Fan Gate option
  • Full translation capability and support of 24 currencies
  • Supports up to four product images
  • Custom store header option
  • Automated “Sold Out” store image



  • SharedDeal is a standalone app. You may have both ShopTab’s full Facebook store and a SharedDeal app on your Fan Page.
  • Sign-up for SharedDeal on Fill out the registration form and hit update.
  • Upon successful registration, you will immediately land on the confirmation page that has a dialog box with details about connecting the App to Facebook


    • .Click to “Install App” and agree to the Facebook dialog boxes that provide the SharedDeal application permission to allow you to promote and market your page from the application.  Once you have agreed to allow these permissions, follow the steps below.
      • Click to like our Facebook page - #1. This will keep you up to date in your Facebook account an new products and features for SharedDeal.
      • Now select the Fan page where you would like to place the application by selecting the “connect” button next to the page - #2.


Once selected, you will have the application on your Facebook Fan page.


Notice that the progress bar at the top of the admin page. We’ve filled out our profile during sign-up and placed the app on our Facebook page – both are checked and green. Now it is time to set up our checkout system.



Complete the checkout with your PayPal email address. Choose your currency and language for your “Add to Cart” button and decide if you want the deal store to work off of inventory settings (i.e. if you set your inventory for five items and then sell five the store will automatically move to a “sold-out” state because you are out of inventory) or not.


NOTE:  You will want to set up your shipping charges and any taxes inside of your PayPal profile. Click the “My Selling Tools” as noted above to go to your profile page where both settings are located. We have more information on how to set this up later in this document.

Now you are ready to add your first product.


Product Title – put in the name of your product

Price - this is the actual sale price of the item

Retail price (optional) – Will show that you have a higher retail or suggested price. This will also reflect the discount against the selling price above.

Description – you many enter as much text as you need to describe your product.

Shipping Weight (optional) – use this field only if your PayPal shipping is based upon the weight of your product.

Initial Quantity (if activated) The Deal Store allows you to limit the number of sales of your product in the quantity field. You must set a quantity value greater than 0 to activate your store when this is activated or your store will show as sold out.

Display until - You may also set up a timer to stop the sale based upon a designated timeframe.

Show on page – means that this will appear on your app page.  You may select to show the inventory count and time left to purchase on the app page.

Upload up to four images and select the Submit button.


Your product will show up in your Facebook store page as noted above. This page reflects the choice to not show the inventory counts, countdown clock or retail price.

You may add multiple products to your listing but only one will show on your page at a time. NOTE: If you want each subsequent listing to automatically appear when a product is sold out, select the “move to next product when sold out” in the Store Design tab as noted below.


You may also upload a graphic when your products are sold-out. We recommend a 810 pixel width by 500 pixel height image for your page. We have a default sold-out graphic that will display if you don’t create your own.

There are other options in Store Design to change the price color, add a store banner or even modify the CSS (style sheet) of the app.

Make language edits in the “Translate” table for the text in your app page.  Go to “Store Settings” and then “Translation.”   You may modify any of these fields below. Press “Update” to activate these changes in your store.




Please review the video link below to assist with setting up PayPal for your taxes and shipping rates. You’ll need a free PayPal business account to set shipping and taxes to your product sales.

Shipping and tax video:

It will be important to set up your store to support the sale of multiple products at one time since PayPal allows the user to designate their desired quantity at checkout.

Log into PayPal and under “Profile” click on “My Selling Tools” or click on the button that is found under “Store Settings” and “Payment/Checkout.”


At the bottom of the page, click on “Update” next to “Shipping calculations.”


Activate your desired shipping methods (Standard, Express, Next Day…) and click on “Edit”SD13.png


Select the “By Quantity” option and set your rates in the table below and save your changes.


Or, you may designate the shipping charges based upon the weight that you enter in each listing in SharedDeal.

Your store is ready to take orders!


You have the option to force a user to “Like” your SharedDeal page prior to gaining access to your Deal Store.  To activate the Fan Gate, go to Settings/Options and select the Fan Gate option.  ShopTab provides a default image (below) but we suggest you create an image that provides a compelling reason for clients to “Like” your store.


Click this link for full details on the Fan Gate option -



Q: What’s the best way to promote my deal?
We suggest the following:

-  From the product page, use the “promote” button to post the offer on your Facebook Fan page.  Tell everyone about the deal and note the limited time for purchase or quantity available to create a sense of urgency.

- Pin your promote post to the top of your Facebook Timeline page

- Using FB’s Promoted Posts, you can promote your post to a higher percentage of your fans to make sure you get to the maximum audience possible

- Tweet and Pin about your offer from the product page

- Ask your fans to like your store page and your product. These likes will broaden the distribution of your deal to all of their friends.

Q: What happens when your store it sold out of inventory or if the time expires on the countdown clock?
A: ShopTab provides a default page that indicates that the products are sold out. You may upload your own image to override this default graphic under “Store Settings” and the “Store Design” tab. 


Q: How can I monitor sales information and traffic to my page?
A: First, all sales notifications will be sent by PayPal to the email address in your PayPal account, an example is noted below. Additional sales information may be obtained by logging into your PayPal account.


You may also want to review the traffic activity on your SharedDeal page. You can access traffic data via Facebook’s Insights information as the admin for the page. For details on the options available with Insight review the link below.

Reviewing Facebook traffic:

Q: What will happen if I don’t have any products listed and the SharedDeal Store feature is activated?
A: The store will present the SOLD OUT page as noted when the store is out of inventory or listings.

Q: How do I configure the countdown clock and why can’t I put it in my time based upon time zone?
A:  You will set up the date and time under the “My Products” tab for each item. Since we have stores in over 60 countries, we use UTC time so that you can set the time appropriately based upon your local time settings.

Q: Can I oversell my inventory? I only have a limited amount of inventory and can't get more once I'm sold out.

A: ShopTab's integrated cart attempts to limit this from happening. When a user selects the product and it is put into the cart we will hold that product out of inventory for 6 to 8 minutes, based upon a PayPal processing cycle. This provides the user the ability to continue to shop and checkout. If the user doesn't complete the purchase within the designated time period, the item will be placed back into inventory.

Q: Can I support a typical ShopTab store and a Deal Store account on the same Facebook page?
A: Absolutely. We think everyone should have a full store as well as your Daily Deal or Flash Store using SharedDeal!

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