Create a Subscription Product in ShopTab

Do you need a Facebook Store with that can sell a subscription? Try combining ShopTab and PayPal’s powerful solution to deliver a Facebook store with a subscription product listing in minutes.

Note:  To create this offering you will need a PayPal Standard Business Account.

STEP 1: Set up your subscription product in PayPal.

For full details on PayPal’s subscription button refer to this link.

Creating a Basic Subscribe Button on the PayPal Website

The following instructions create a basic Subscribe button that sets up subscriptions with a monthly billing cycle that recurs until subscriptions are cancelled.

  • Log in to your PayPal account at
        The My Account Overview page opens.
  • Click the Profile subtab.
        The Profile Summary page opens.
  •  Under the Selling Preferences or My Selling Tools heading, click the My Saved Buttons or PayPal Buttons link.
  •  In the Related Items box on the right, click the Create new button link.
        The Create PayPal payment button page opens.
  • In the Choose a button type dropdown menu, select "Subscriptions."
    • Enter the payment details of your subscription.
    • Subscription name – Enter a name for the subscription. For example, enter "Alice's Monthly Digest".
    • Recurring amount to be billed – Enter the amount you want to bill subscribers for each monthly billing cycle. For example, enter "20.00".
    • Finish your button design.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the Create Button button.
  • The You've created your button page opens.
  • Click the Select Code button on the Website tab to select all of the generated HTML code.
    • Do one of the following to copy the selected text to the clipboard:
    • For Windows and Mac, right-click on the code, and then select Copy.
    • For Windows, press Ctrl+C.
    • For Mac, press CMD+C.

Step 2: Add the product listing to ShopTab

Note: You will want your Buyer Checkout under "Settings" to be set up for "Existing Website" and the box checked for enabling the product links.

A) Log into your ShopTab account and go to the “Add Product” option.  Complete the title, price, category, subcategory (if needed), condition (new or used, if needed), description, location of an online image for your product and paste the Button Code into Java Scrip field and press Update.


Click submit to complete the product listing.

Once you press “Update” your product will become active in your Facebook store.



Once your client clicks on the “Buy Now” button the purchase page will open up inside of your Facebook frame for the completion of the purchase.



Make sure to follow the standard installation process for deploying the application on your Facebook page and designing your store.  A video tour is available as well as PDF installation instructions to assist in your set-up.

Once that is complete, it is the time to start marketing your products on your Facebook page. Good luck and good selling!



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    The interface that I see when I am setting up products in my Facebook page is very different from the one I see above and I am not able to link a subscription button to a product.  I have multiple products; therefore, I have multiple subscription amount buttons in PayPal.  How can I get the interface updated in my Facebook page?  I just signed up last night, and am very frustrated, at this point.  This is what my interface looks like.  Please help!

  • 0
    ShopTab Support

    I just updated your checkout system. When you tried to create the cart it overrode the code. Take a look now.

  • 0
    Lyllith Dragonheart

    My PayPal buttons are not showing up - have followed each step and code is in place etc. 

    I didn't have an update button but had save and clicked that each time I created the product in ShopTab the codes are all in there but no buttons for customers to click on.

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    ShopTab Support

    We just noted you back in the service system. We changed your template and the code is now showing.

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