Shipping Options with your ShopTab Cart

Shipping Methods and Options with your ShopTab Cart

Updated September 16, 2015

You have many options to consider for the shipping of your products when using ShopTab’s integrated cart option in your Facebook Store. The detail in this note outlines shipping methods and optional features for you to consider as you work through your store setup.

Overview: Shipping Methods

When using the “Integrated Cart” and you are using the Modern Template (Settings/Store Design) is selected as your checkout option the “Shipping” tab will immediately appear under the Settings option.


When you click the Shipping tab, you’ll see a number of shipping options.


None – This is the default option for your ShopTab account.  If you want to include your shipping charges as part of your product price or use the shipping that PayPal provides via their shipping calculator, you’ll want to select this option.

Flat – This option sets the same shipping rate for every item in your store.  The designated rate will be applied to all products that are in your buyer’s cart.

Flat + – This option sets the same shipping rate for the first item in your buyer’s cart and then a second rate for each additional item in your buyer’s cart.

Product – This option allows you to set a unique shipping rate for each product listing.  Each individual of these product listing shipping rates for items placed in the cart will be added up to reflect the total shipping charge.

Weight – This option allows you to input the weight of the item within each product listing.  You will then set your shipping rates based upon total weight of the items in your buyer’s cart.

It’s up to you to decide which shipping method will work best for you and your buyers. Once you determine your base shipping method, you can choose additional shipping options.

NOTE: With ShopTab’s integrated cart you may use PayPal’s shipping calculators to apply shipping charges.  In many countries PayPal provides some great options but we found them lacking for flexible options in many markets. Click here to see how to use the options available in your PayPal profile via the shipping calculator.


Step 1: Set Your Shipping Method


Insert the rate you want to charge for each item placed in the cart. Once you have completed the field the rate will be saved automatically.

Note: If you believe your buyers on average will buy multiple products in their online cart you may want to consider another shipping method since the shipping charges on multiple products can add up quickly.


Insert the rate you want to charge for the first item and then the rate that you want for each additional item.  If you fail to input a rate or put in a “0” for the additional item, the system will not charge for anything for additional items.


As noted in the text, the rate will be set inside of each product listing, not in this section of the admin.  The field in the product listing is shown below.  


In situations where the weight of an item will significantly impact the shipping cost (both for light and heavy products), it makes sense to choose the weight-based shipping option.  You may set up as many rate ranges as needed for your items. The fields can represent Metric or US/Imperial numbers – you just need to be consistent in their use in all fields.

In each product listing you will input the associated weight of that item, as noted below. If you leave it blank the system will charge the price set in the first rate range.

When the buyer’s items are in the shopping cart, the weight for every item will be combined and the associated charge will show in the Shipping Charge area.

Lastly, for all shipping methods, the bottom of the page provides an opportunity to update the text in the cart that reflects the Shipping Charge. It will default as noted in the field but you may change the English text or modify it to any language.


Step 2: Test Your Shipping Method

Once you have selected your desired shipping method, test a few buyer checkout processes to make sure the method is calculating as you expect it should. Do this before you select any of the optional features outlined in the remainder of this document.


Step 3: Set Optional Shipping Features

With ShopTab you can activate three other optional shipping/delivery features.



This option is perfect for sellers that have a physical store. This will allow the buyer to pick-up the item in the store, saving the shipping charges. This is a great driver for additional foot traffic and may result in additional in-store sales.

Activate the feature and a text field will appear so that you can customize how this appears in the cart.

Below is the view of the cart with the option activated. When the buyer selects the feature the shipping cost shows at no cost. 


Some sellers will want to offer a faster or expedited shipment option for their buyers. If your standard delivery is 2 weeks, you may want to provide a 5-day shipping service or a 3-day shipping service. In this case, you can activate the Expedite Surcharge feature, allowing you to outline the offer and the incremental cost to the buyer over the base shipping method.

When the buyer is in the cart they’ll see an option for expedited surcharge. If selected, the price is added to the base shipping method.


Some sellers may want to offer a surcharge for out of country shipments.  When activated, this option allows you to indicate that additional payment is required for out of country shipments and add the incremental cost to the base shipping method.

The feature shows in the cart as an option for the buyer to select. If selected, the price is added to the base shipping method. The desktop and mobile views are below.



                       (Desktop View)                                                            (Mobile View)

You will be notified of the optional shipping charges in your PayPal transaction information.



You may activate all three of the optional features in your Facebook Store.



Q: Can I set up my store with the options only? I don’t want any base shipping costs but just the option to have in-store pickup or an international charge.

A: Yes, the way to do this is to set the Flat Rate option to 0 and the additional features will be available to you and you will not have any other charges for base shipping.


Q: Does this work with all design templates in Store Design?

A: No, it is only available in the “Modern” template option.  If you are using the older store template designs, you’ll need to update to the Modern version.


Q: Do all of these options work with the mobile Facebook store?

A: Yes, all functionality should be the exact same on the desktop, tablet or mobile phone using FB’s mobile app.


Q: Where does the detail about the Shipping Options show up in my sales transaction inside of PayPal. 

A: The shipping charges, including all options selected, will appear as “Shipping and handling” inside of your PayPal transaction. The detail on the options selected (in-store pick-up, expedite or international surcharge) will be shown in the “Custom” field in your transaction (see on page 8 above how the information shows inside of the field).


                   (Checkout Page)                                      (Sales Journal in PayPal)




If you desire to not use our shipping methods or options you can configure PayPal to do this for you. Details are provided below.  

PayPal Options:

To create a shipping option in PayPal you will want to follow these steps:

-          Log into your PayPal account

-          Select the “Profile” option and then the “My Selling Tools”

-          Select to “Update” your Shipping calculations



-This area is where all shipping options are created. Check to edit an existing option or to add a new option. Note any active or inactive methods in the Status column.


Now we will look at the different options that may work best for you. Select to edit or create a new shipping rule.







Great option to add as a shipping option for local stores with walk-in clients. This can work with other shipping options. 






Now you will want to go back to your store and test for each different rule that you've created. Validate that it is working so that you can be comfortable that your client’s checkout will reflect the correct shipping costs.


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    Christine Purdy

    None of this helps me one bit being a Canadian owner of a Shoptab store. WE do not have these options under our Canadian Shipping methods. Please advise how we can add these options when they are NOT there in the first place

  • -1

    These instructions require updating as PayPal has changed the layout and options on their page. If you want to use Shoptab to set your shipping (which is better as you have more control per item as the Paypal shipping options are limited and it has no idea about your product) then you need to set the option you want inside Shoptab and then:

    IMPORTANT ** 1.Login to your PayPal account then
    2. go to your profile and click "Profile and settings"
    3. click my selling tools
    4. click update button next to shipping calculations
    5. LEAVE ALL SETTING AS DEFAULT WHICH SHOULD BE ZERO BUT MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE OPTION "Click here to allow transaction-based postage values to override the profile postage settings listed above"

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    Your shipping values on your Shoptab page will now flow through to your PayPal page in the order summary


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    ShopTab Support

    Can you send us your Account # or login email to so we can test why this may not be working for you?

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