Out of inventory notification when using the cart

In some limited situations, when using ShopTab's integrated cart in your Facebook Store, a buyer may receive notification that your store is "out of inventory" for a specific product, while your  product listing shows that you have product in inventory. This may occur in these situations listed below:

- Prior to 9/10/13, you sold product with inventory control off for a period of time and then turned it on (our database tracked sales regardless of the setting)
- You refunded a sale but didn't restore the item into stock for the product listing
- A client(s) places the product in their cart but hasn't completed their purchase (we hold the inventory as sold for a short duration) and you are viewing the listing

We have created a way to quickly reset the inventory when you feel this situation may be in error. The "reset" button in the product listing noted below will appear anytime the initial quantity is different than the remaining quantity in our database.  This button will set your inventory to the number you have designated in the field for the Initial Quantity. In the case below, selection of the reset button will change the remaining inventory to 10.


Use the button when you feel the product listing may be out of synch with your physical inventory. Just click the button and the inventory will be reset immediately.


Important inventory notes:

  • The ShopTab database counts all transactions when PayPal designates a completed sale. However, PayPal doesn't send refunded information to ShopTab or abandoned cart information.
  • In the case of an item being placed in a cart and the "buy now" button is selected, ShopTab takes the item out of inventory for approximately 10 minutes. If the purchase isn't completed after the designated time frame, we place the item back in stock.
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    Tanya Surdez Engesether

    I do not use inventory control but am still having issues of having the Out of Stock show up when ppl try to add items to cart and it takes several seconds to reset itself to allow for purchase

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    ShopTab Support

    Tanya, We noted you back from the service ticket. I tested on a mobile andriod phone and PC laptop. Can you tell us what device you are using since I wasn't having an issue on the cart page or going to checkout?

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