Product Feed Updates


We've released enhancements to our product feed option for those stores that are using a file from an existing e-commerce site or want to use a data file to manage their products inside of our integrated cart.  Under our "Product Feed" tab look for simplified menus, ability to support titles and fields that don't match fields, control of the mapping of your file to our listings and support of a data file for integrated cart users.

For all users
o Ability to support up to four images
o Support of the “Is Active” setting for each product listing
o Simplified automated feed process
o Contextual help by file type

E-commerce integrations
o CSV files – we’ll map to any titles/headers in the file from your website
o Text files – we’ll accept any text tab-delimited file (Google formats only previously) and allow you to map the fields to our listings.

Integrated cart users
o Ability to import and export product files and maintain all links to uploaded images
o Edit listings in the product feeds and maintain these files for back-ups
o Manual editing of listings 
o We’ll accept links to products as well as uploading of an image(s)


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