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Accessing Facebook through a desktop computer and accessing Facebook through the mobile Facebook app are two different experiences for your ShopTab customers. Facebook's mobile app, used on mobile phones and many tablets, requires some unique set-up solutions to deliver seamless shopping for sellers and their buyers using our Facebook Shop.

Desktop ShopTab Access

On a desktop, your customers can access your shop through the tab on the left rail of your fan page (APPS area), through the link below your cover photo, through links that you post on your wall, and the new Call to Action button in the cover image, shown here: 

Mobile ShopTab Access

Accessing ShopTab with the mobile Facebook app is different. There are two ways mobile customers can access your store through a mobile device: 

1. By clicking a link you post to your store or product on your Facebook wall

2. By clicking on the "Call-to-Action" button you've created for your Facebook page


1. Post Store and Product Links to your Facebook Wall

We've created "smart links" in your ShopTab admin that can be posted directly on your wall. The smart links will determine if the user has the FB mobile app loaded and will direct them to an optimized mobile product page or the main store page automatically.

Promoting Your Store to Desktop and Mobile Users

To post a link to your wall: 

1. Login to your ShopTab account

2. Click "My Products" and you'll see a link to your Store called "Store URL" and links to each of your products called "Product URLs"


3. You can then copy/paste the store links in a wall post with your own image. Anyone who clicks one of these links on a mobile phone will get the mobile version of your store.


Tip: You may want to "pin" a store promotion post to the top of your Facebook wall so it doesn't get buried by your newer wall posts (the pin will time out after 7 days) - Click here to learn how to pin your post to the top of your Facebook page.

When users click on this link they are directed to a mobile-friendly version of your store, as shown below.

    (Main Store Page)             (Top of Product Page)           (Product Page Scroll)


Promoting Individual Products on Desktop and Mobile Users

Another way to promote an individual product on Facebook is by clicking on "My Products" in your ShopTab admin and then clicking "Promote" below the product name. 


2. Create A Call-to-Action Button at the Top of Your Mobile Facebook Fan Page

Facebook recently revealed a new feature called call-to-action buttons. They're a great way to provide mobile access to your Facebook store. 

To add a call-to-action button to your Facebook page, follow the steps in this article: How to Set Up Your Call-to-Action Button

With a call-to-action button set-up, your fans will be able to access your store at any time, even if you haven't posted a link on your wall. Here's what it will look like on a mobile phone.



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