Use Video to Sell In Your Facebook Store

Images and videos are a great tool to help you sell online. Adding a existing video is easy inside of ShopTab's product listings. Follow these easy steps below to quickly add a video to your listings.

1) Locate the video you desire to add to your listing.

In this example, we'll use a video from YouTube. We want to copy and paste the "embed" code to place the video within our listing. 

2) Copy the embed code for use in our product listing.  Prior to selecting to copy, we want to size the video so it will look appropriate within your listing.

We recommend setting the size to 250 X 188 for ShopTab's Modern template and 400 X 300 for the older store layouts.


3) Place the code in the ShopTab listing. Go to the specific product listing and scroll down to the "Description" section and immediately click on the "HTML" option in the menu.

4) Once that window opens, paste the embed code into the dialog box and click "Update" to place within the listing.

5) You should see the video within the description section of the product listing. Add any text you desire within this area.

6) Complete the product listing and save it at the bottom of the page. Now go to your Facebook Fan Page store to see the video within the listing. 





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