Is there an easy way to make all my products inactive at one time?

There is a pretty simple way to turn all products into an inactive state.

Here are the steps below.

- Go into ShopTab admin

- On the product listings page, click to download the file of all products. This button is at the bottom of the page.

- Once you have downloaded the file, save it in a folder as a back-up in case of an issue. It is always important to make a back-up of any file if you plan to make changes. 

- Open up the file and notice the column "is active" - your products will show as TRUE. This means they are active.

- Change the first product to FALSE and then copy that all the way down the column for all products. This makes all products inactive once loaded.

- Once complete, save the file and name it something new noting that this reflects inactive products.

- Click on the "Product Feed" option.

- Under the "Manual Load" option, click to select the file you just created.

- Upload it - the first time you will need to map the fields of the file. Just match the names to the mapped options provided.

- Once loaded, all your products should be inactive. This may take a minute or two based upon the file size.

Click to view this video of the first portion on downloading the file and changing the field to FALSE.

To make all products active again, just change the "is active" column to TRUE and upload the file.

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