Inventory Cycling with ShopTab's Integrated Cart

Many clients have a question about how inventory counts change with ShopTab's Facebook store cart/payment system.  Questions are raised because there may be short periods of time when the inventory count in ShopTab’s admin doesn't reflect what they feel they should have in stock. Understanding the process should help you to understand any discrepancies. 

Taking products out of inventory.

  • When an item or items are selected and in the cart they are taken out of inventory only when the buyer clicks the "Pay Now" button or the COD "Buy Now" button, as noted below. This action takes the item(s) out of your inventory in ShopTab’s admin and those items placed in the PayPal checkout will show as "pending" in the product listing and the COD purchases will be immediately deducted.
  • In the Facebook Store the item count will immediately be reduced for any other buyers viewing that product. If this is the last product in inventory, the store will either show the product as sold out or the item is hidden, depending upon the option you selected. The inventory count in ShopTab's admin will not change until the product is purchased.
  • With the PayPal checkout system, the buyer has approximately 8 to 10 minutes to complete their purchase. If they don’t complete the purchase, the item is cycled back into stock and the product will be available for purchase by another buyer.  The "pending" status will be placed back into fully available inventory.


  • When setting up your store many new users will test purchase to see what their buyer’s will experience. This will deduct inventory from your store for short periods.
  • If a client returns or cancels an order, you will need to manually update the admin inventory count. Make sure to update it and then select the “Reset” button to update the store and then save the listing.


Sellers have also asked how long products will remain in the cart. We allow the products to remain in the Facebook Store cart for six hours before we "clear" the cart. This provides the potential buyers the opportunity to leave the buying process and return hours later and complete the purchase, as long as the items are still in stock. If the items are out of stock, the buyer will receive notice that they are no longer available for purchase. 



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