Create a product catalog for your Facebook fan page with ShopTab

Instead of a Facebook store some clients want to create a product catalog. The ShopTab app allows you to do this by hiding the buy now buttons within the store so that you only show your products, images and descriptions.  This configuration allows you to use all of the social features of the store for sharing and engagement without the processing of sales orders.


                                  (Example catalog layout in a mobile phone)

Create your catalog:

  • Sign-up for a ShopTab account to support the number of products you want to show in your catalog.
  • Add the app to your Facebook fan page.  The system will take you through the Facebook permissions required to add the app to your fan page.
  • Default to the website e-commerce integration. 

Configure the store design with these selections.

- Go to the Store Design Options Page

o   Select to remove the “buy now” link under the Main Product Options area. (ONLY FOR OLD TEMPLATES - Timeline stacked or Timeline grid)

o   Now we need to make some changes to the colors used in the store app. Make the edits as noted below in the Color Theme Options. Use “FFFFFF” for the Buy Now button and the background price bar (red arrow below).

If you desire to eliminate any pricing information, place “FFFFFF” in all fields or just don’t include a price in your product listing.


If you want to eliminate the price drop down option in the app top bar, you can check the box in Store Design Options to eliminate it.

Modify your fan page icon to reflect your catalog.

You can change the app icon on your fan page as noted below to reflect your catalog.  You can load an image to replace ShopTab’s cart and rename the tab from “Shop” to “Product Catalog” or whatever makes sense for your page. Your image will need to conform to Facebook’s required 117 X 74 pixel size.

Add your product listings.

Click the “Add Product” and load your listings either manually or via a data file.  We recommend that you don’t include a URL to the Product Page – just leave it blank.

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