Optimize the Image Size When you Promote your Products

There is plenty of evidence that suggests quality images in your Facebook news feed will enhance engagement with your users and ultimately drive product sales. When you use ShopTab's promotion capability from your admin panel the size of your image will determine how your product is presented in the news feed.

Here are the two options that Facebook will present for your promotion/share as shown below.



It is pretty clear to us which will perform better on the desktop or mobile user's news feed for your fans and followers. Since Facebook is in full control of how this image is presented, we want to give you full insight so that you can present the best product image in the largest size possible.

Ways to present in the largest image promotion within the news feed:

1) Upload an image that is wider than it is tall. Facebook's news feed will present a 377w X 196h image for the larger share picture. If your image is higher than it is wide, they will default to the smaller size.

2) Upload an image that is equal to or greater than 377 X 196. Since FB will resize the image to fit their format, anything smaller than 377 X 196 will get placed into the smaller image option.

This approach won't always make sense to present your products but we wanted to give you as much information as possible so you can think about ways to impact your product promotions.



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