Managing your Product Database with ShopTab ID options

Many of our clients like to use our product file option to automatically or manually update their Facebook store, or in many cases, to maintain a back-up their catalog of products.  If you are using our product file feature, we’ve recently optimized your ability to assign and manage your products through a new flexible database design support of product ID's and SKU's.

Value of ShopTab’s new Product ID’s for your Facebook Store:

  • The ShopTab product ID (shoptab_id) creates a consistent database location for all products in your store application so that all social marks in Facebook or Twitter or any other use of links will work for as long as you have a store, regardless of how many product files updates you perform.

  • Allows you to prioritize use of any existing SKU’s for products in your product file updates. If used with each listing, a SKU ID will always be the unique product identifier in your database.

  • Flexible design allows you to use both SKU’s and ShopTab ID’s in the same product file with the SKU taking priority as the unique identifier for the database.

The new ShopTab ID functionality will appear in the download of your product file found on the "My Products" page, as noted in the file below.  This functionality is available to all users and does not require any set-up by subscription users.



  • SKU's ARE FIRST UNIQUE IDENTIFIER:  If you use a SKU for a product, it will be the unique identifier for the product, not the assigned ShopTab product ID. Any product file upload of the product catalog will maintain the same SKU # but the product ID will change.  SKU’s aren't required for a product listing.

  • THE SHOPTAB ID WILL BE THE UNIQUE IDENTIFIER IF NO SKU IS PRESENT: Once a product is manually created or uploaded by a data file a ShopTab ID # will be created.  Only ShopTab’s application can create a valid ShopTab Product ID. If you attempt to create a ShopTab ID for a product in your file the upload process ignore your ID and we'll assign a valid ST ID. If you want to maintain a persistent presence for your product listing, use the same ShopTab ID # for all file uploads.

  • NO ID's ARE REQUIRED:  You aren't required to use ShopTab’s ID’s or an SKU to use the product file update feature. In this case, any posts or links to product listings or the store used prior to the update will be lost if you don't use them.

  • DO NOT ERASE YOUR PRODUCT DATABASE: If you delete all of your listing on the "My Products" page, you can't recreate the persistent links to your products for any previous post or use of links.  Always do an upload of your new file over the existing products to maintain these links.


How do you maintain your database once it is loaded? 

You have two options to maintain your database. The choice you make will likely depend on how often your product catalog changes.

I. Manual Updates.  Many clients will load the file once and then make manual edits to the product listings.  They will then do periodic downloads to maintain a back-up to the full catalog.

II. Data feed updates. Once the original file is loaded you have the ability to continually update the file via manual or automated data feed updates.  If you select this option make sure to note (see above) how or if you want to maintain persistent product listings in your database - use of SKU's or ShopTab ID's.  If you are supplying SKU's with your data feed product updates, you don't need to do anything since the SKU will maintain the persistent location/identity in the database. If you don't use SKU's and want to keep persistent identity, you'll need to pull in the ShopTab ID's from each product after the upload (done via a manual download from the My Products page) and append that information to your data feed updates.

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