Restricting PayPal shipping to specific countries


Looking to restrict the shipping of your ShopTab store products to specific countries? While this feature isn't actively promoted on PayPal's website, it is possible. To restrict your PayPal shipping to specific countries, follow these instructions:

1. Login to your Account.

2. Click on Profile

3. Click on My Selling Tools

4. Under Getting paid and managing my risk click Update next to "Managing Risk and Fraud"

5. Click "Edit Your Filter Settings"

6. Select "Deny" Next to Country Monitor and then click "Edit"

7. "Remove" all of the countries you do not want to ship to (the trick to select several countries at once is to hold the Control/Command key and then drag your mouse down)

8. Leave any countries that you want to allow shipping to

You're all set! Now anyone who tries to make a purchase outside of the countries you've designated will not be able to complete the transaction. 


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