Reasons your Product Won't Load in ShopTab

Loading a new product listing into ShopTab's Facebook Store is usually simple and quick to do. However, sometimes a client will receive an error message after they hit the submit button.

Below are potential issues that can cause an upload error:

  • Loading from a mobile phone - many of these devices, including the iPhone, have issues with their data structure and can't reliably upload and image.
  • Large image size - in excess of 5MB can take a long time to load and may time-out.
  • Slow Internet connection - the system will time-out trying to load the image.
  • The file type is NOT a .jpg, .png or .gif file type. Make sure that you file is one of those three types or use our option to for a URL reference.
  • ShopTab's hosting site may be experiencing a heavy traffic load.

If the upload fails, we suggest the following steps:

- Go to an new machine and attempt to add a product. Typically this will let you know if it is your originally device or browser that may be impacting the upload. If this works you may have a browser or device issue.

- Wait a few minutes and try again from your existing device. If the Internet was slow or the hosting site was under heavy load this will typically be fixed within a few minutes. 

If those two solutions don't work, send us a note at with the image and the text you want for your listing. We'll see if we can't load it for you or isolate the issue.



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