Direct your Facebook Call-to-Action to Your Facebook Store

Directing buyers to the Facebook Store is a great way to use Facebook's new Call-to-Action buttons. To set up your ShopTab store as the destination, follow these steps below to create this button. We outline the setup in a Desktop and on a Mobile phone below.

NOTE: You will need to have your ShopTab account connected to your Fan Page and a product listed in your store for the "Store URL" to show up.


I. From ShopTab's admin, click the "Copy" button that has the Store URL noted below. We'll use this link later during the SHOP NOW button set-up.



II. On your Facebook Fan Page, select Add a Button.



III. From the options, choose to Make a Purchase or Donation.


 IV. Click the "Shop on your website" option. Our Facebook Store acts just like a website inside of Facebook.


V. Paste the URL that we copied in Step I into the field below. Once pasted, click Add Button (bottom right).


VI. Your Shop Now button is set up.




I. From ShopTab's admin, click the "Copy" button that has the Store URL noted below. We'll use this link later during the SHOP NOW button set-up.


II. Click on the "Add a Button" blue button on the main page of your Facebook Fan Page.


III. Select the "Shop Now" option (2nd item listed)


IV. A dialog box will appear to add the website. This is where you will paste the link you copied in step I.  Paste the link and then click the "Create" in the top right. 


V. Your "Shop Now" button is all set. 




The admin for the Call to Action button can be confusing for many people. The admin features are built into the button so admins think that these will be the same for their buyers - this is not the case.

If you click on the "Shop Now" button above on your mobile phone, you will likely see one of the screens below. You see these because you are the admin for the page and this is Facebook's way of allowing you to make changes to the button. Only admins will see these screens, not your buyers.


In the event you see the 1st screen above (no test button option), review the image below and click the text "Shop Now" and this is what your buyers will experience. If you see the screen on your right, click the "Test button link" and you will experience what your buyers will view.



  • Setting the button is easiest on a laptop or desktop. Mobile set-up is challenging and continues to change in Facebook's menus.
  • If the button doesn't work on your mobile phone after an hour or so you may need to delete the Call To Action button and create it again. We've seen a couple of times where it didn't take the first time and this process had it working immediately.

Learn how to promote your Facebook Store Call to Action button.


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  • 0
    Drew David

    Doesn't appear in facebook mobile?

  • 0
    ShopTab Support

    Can you tell me your account ID # or your Facebook fan page URL? I'll take a look to see why it isn't showing. Thanks.

  • 0
    Pelotas Piedras Para Crear

    I dont find The call The action button in my fan page iPhone app

  • 0
    Damien Ericsson

    shop tab not showing up at all on my page

  • 0
    Toni Dawson

    iv filled my shop, done my action button but when i share an item from my page to my fan page or personal page, nobody can open it - not even me? Help!

  • 0
    Laura Prince

    I do not have a call to action button


  • 0
    ShopTab Support

    There is a Send Message button on your page. That is the call to action. Can you edit that button to a Purchase or Donation Button and then set it to ShopTab?


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