Text Field Support in ShopTab Product Listings

ShopTab’s integrated cart for a Facebook Shop supports the buyer's input of text in a field prior to completion of a product purchase. This is a perfect way to support the customization of a product or to solicit specific instructions from your buyer during their purchasing process.


This product listing option is available in the “Buyer Checkout” menu for the Integrated Cart (noted below).  If activated, the option for text input will be available in all product listings in your store.  While available in all listings, this field isn’t required and may be ignored for any listing that doesn't require the text input function.


Once the option is activated each product listing will have a field available during the product creation process in the "Add Product" or "Edit Product" screen (noted below).


Enter the text in the field that you would like to use to prompt the buyer to input their information during checkout. The field prompt will appear after the product selection and in the cart page (noted below).

                        (Desktop View)                                                                    (Mobile View)


The example below shows a text box prompt in the second product listing with an open-ended question to query information from your buyer. The character input limit for the field is 200 characters.

This variable information will be passed to the final checkout page (noted below) and into your sales register upon sale completion.

                    (Desktop View)                                                                   (Mobile View)

If you are using a data file to manage your store listings the file will support the use of the line item variable with the column titled “line_item_note_label” in the CSV or text file.  Below is an example file showing the field being used.



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