Using ShopTab Smart Links for all Facebook Store Buyers

Facebook created an issue when they launched their mobile phone app that most of their users have on their mobile phones or tablets. The copy/paste of a URL from the desktop browser will not work for mobile users - the page shows as invalid.

To address this situation for our social sellers, we created sophisticated “smart link” that automatically detects what device is being used and then creates a shopping experience that is optimized for that device.  ShopTab's smart links are easily available for your use.


We’ve created a “Store URL” link that you can copy and past from your Settings/My Products page after logging into your ShopTab account. You can also access the URL to a specific product, by copying and pasting any of the “Product URL's“ on the Settings/My Products page.

Use these links for any promotion of your Facebook store or products within Facebook, other social media accounts, email marketing or any other online promptions. 

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